Investor’s Profile

We seek investors who share our long-term approach to building wealth and enjoy working with true experts and passionate specialists. Our investors are successful individuals that are looking to optimize and access the elite of investment portfolio efficiency. Our clients clearly understand the significance of working with an investment specialist and the real added value that derives from it; Our value proposition and investment approach is very uncommon in the industry. Retail investors have probably never come across our concept until they meet with us and learn more.


When it comes to achieving your goals, you are best served by a deliberate process.  Before committing to a mutual long term relationship, we use a step by step process to evaluate the best way to work together and explore:

  • An Introductory Meeting is designed to focus on what is the most important for you, your life and what you are trying to accomplish by hiring us.  This discussion becomes the cornerstone of the deep client relationship we build together. You share with us your values, goals, personal, professional and institutional relationships, assets and interests. What does financial success look like to you? What resources do you have? What challenges do you face? These goals may range from narrow to broad, depending on your situation.  The purpose of this meeting is to evaluate each other’s objectives, value proposition and business synergy.
  • At the Discovery Meeting, we set aside approximately 1 hour to create your Vere Personal Profile (VPP). During this phase, we gather specific information from you regarding your financial situation, such as assets, liabilities, cash flow and investment goals. Our main task is to identify your risk tolerance in order to build the most efficient portfolio and deliver the best return at that given level of risk. This information is used as a blueprint to design your customized investment plan and allocation.  Once we have the VPP completed, we will move to the final phase.
  • Creation and Implementation, in phase, we begin by presenting the recommendations we have for you, based on your Vere Personal Profile, which reflects our understanding of what you have shared with us. We jointly review the investment variables and discuss how they will help to achieve your goals and bring financial clarity to your life. Any questions you have are addressed at this time, along with any modifications that may be required.  We fine tune it as needed. Upon your approval, we begin implementation of the recommendations. Consistent monitoring will begin immediately and continue forward.  Periodic personal reviews will be completed by your wealth advisor, based on the timeline you both have agreed upon.

We want to work with investors that want to stay at the forefront of the investment industry and trust us that we can deliver that. We enjoy working with people who constantly want to get better. We do not work with investors who want to stay complacent with their investments because there are a lot of firms that provide that type of service.