Professional Athletes

Invest Like a Champion

We are passionate about the sports life, we lived it. We want to help, assist, and allow you to benefit from our experiences. Vere Global understands very well the athlete career cycle and the unexpected turns that can come along. This is why Vere Global has made a strong commitment to athletes and we pride ourselves on doing what is right for you. We have experience managing athletes’ wealth.

  • Asset accumulation and preservation through a network of specialists
  • Insurance planning / Short-term disability (pre-draft or pre-contract protection)
  • Wealth preservation / Asset protection strategies
  • Investment management
  • Budgeting
  • Tax planning
  • Financial & estate planning
  • Post retirement career planning
  • Business consulting
  • Risk / Liability management
  • Charitable contributions and Non-profit foundations

We provide expert advice in every aspect of the athlete’s financial life. Our Vere Lifestyle brings the concepts of Education, Objectivity, Sophistication and Actions to ensure your strongest financial health from the pre-professional career and first contract through your retirement years.

With such a short window of opportunity, we make sure your investment decisions, savings habits, spending tendencies, and estate are all in order and remain on track to achieve your objectives. We are always accessible, proactive and would be privileged to be part of your team.

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Recent studies on the top 4 sports leagues in the United States does not suggest a long time for athletes to save money: