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Bloomberg 2013 Best Performing Mutual Funds US Diversified Equities

Vere Global 2013 Bloomberg Top Funds of the Year pdf

2013 Best Performing Mutual Funds Bloomberg – April 2014

From the 10 best performing mutual funds for 2013 elected by Bloomberg, Vere Global is proud to announce that we invested with 3 of those managers in different Vere Global strategies. All 3 of these managers were held for the entire year of 2013. We did close out of the Sun America position in early 2014 due to the portfolio managers leaving and we are eagerly awaiting to add their new fund to our strategies line up. Always, remember we follow the talent of the managers. Returns are just the direct consequence of the talent you hold in your portfolio.

The following funds were held in the respective Vere strategies:

  • Prime Cap Odyssey Growth (Now closed to new investors) – Moderate and All Equity
  • Hodges Small Cap – Moderate and All Equity
  • Sun America Focused Dividend Fund – Moderate

The following funds were closed prior to 2013 and therefore, unable to invest in them:

  • Buffalo Emerging Opportunities – closed
  • Lord Abbett Developing Growth – closed
  • Touchstone Sands Growth – closed
  • Franklin Small Cap Growth – closed